Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life at the Villa

View from the bus from Florence to Arezzo

Yet another from the bus picture

The views are unbelievable.  Even with the window reflection making it a bad picture.

VIEW FROM WHERE I LIVE!!! For real.  This is from the roof of the "Teatrino."

View from the roof of the "Teatrino"

More beautiful scenery from the Villa!

This is the beginning of the route we take to the grocery store.

The door of the "Casina" where the cool kids live.  (That's me.)

Staircase I take into the main part of the Villa.

Doors of the Villa.

Beautiful courtyard.  When it gets warm enough we'll get to eat and frolic out here!

More of the breathtaking view from the roof.

Yes... these are repetitive...  But I just can't get over the fact that I live here.

More view.

Cloteal and I journaling in the most inspiring place I've ever been.

Theatre girls before class.

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