Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MJ Contact Information in Italy

Hey all!  I hope that you enjoy following my blog while I am abroad.  I have no idea how regularly or irregularly I will be posting things, but I will certainly try to keep you all entertained/updated on my endeavors!

That being said, I will be in this foreign, far-off place and would love to hear from you all every now and then beyond my regular facebook-stalking of each and every one of you.  As excited as I am to be traveling and adventuring and experiencing new things, I am quite a homebody and can always use a familiar face dropping me a line.

So, here are the ways you can contact me! (Keep in mind that I am 6 hours ahead of you east-coasters)
  • E-mail!  (I will be checking my HPU address as well, but this is my primary address)
  • Skype! (So as to see your wonderful faces!)
    • My screenname is JilboMaggins
  • Facebook.
  • Instant Messaging
    • I have the AIM/Facebook chat app on my phone that will allow me to instant message from my phone, but no texts or calling please
  • Mail (The classic, and leaves the most room for creativity!)
    • My address at the school: 
      • Maggie Jo Saylor
        c/o Accademia dell'Arte
        Villa Godiola
        Loc. San Fabiano 9
        52100 Arezzo
    • Please send me your mailing addresses or campus box numbers (HPU people) so that I can send cheesy postcards from Italia!
  • This blog.  Subscribe!  Check it!  Leave comments!
Thank you for all for supporting me and showing at least enough interest in my doings to read this post.  I will miss you all greatly!

Ciao!  See you in three months!

Maggie Jo

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  1. Hey! I wonder how much it costs to send a postcard from Guatemala to Italy... or the other way around. We'll send you one if you send us one!

    Loren and Salem Prince
    Alamedas del Virrey #31C
    Antigua, Guatemala

    -Loren and Salem